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Code & Calculations
Moon Phase calculations and code: Janet L. Stein Carter

Moon Font by Chris Clark
Basil photo by Lollyknit
Potatoes photo by Galant
Arrow planting bed photo by somadjinn

Informational Resources
Any reference materials not in the public domain are cited in relevant blog posts. In addition, Gardenaut deep-links to a variety of web resources, but always takes users to the relevant sites for search results. These sites include:

Gardenaut does not scrape other websites. All written content published on Gardenaut is original material.

Design and Concept
Gardenaut is the creation of ZRecs, publisher of PRIZEY, Z Recommends, and ToyInstructions. All content as well as the original concept behind Gardenaut's customization are (c) 2008 by ZRecs.