One way to keep rabbits out of your lettuce

Last spring, while I was obsessing nearly daily about the evil bunnies and their salad green destroying ways, I happened to stroll through one of the local garden shop's racks of spring plants. Amidst the armada of pansies and their ilk, I spotted a four pack of lettuce seedlings. I was sure I was smart enough to thwart the bunnies. Hope does spring eternal.

My theory was that by putting it in pots on the steps in front of our house it might survive. As I've said before here, most Sylvilagus can't jump despite their reputation, plus they're rather shy creatures, so I figured coming up the walk toward a door and a light might exceed even their cheekiness. Happily, this theory turned out to hold water, and the lettuce was glorious. It's even rather pretty in a green sort of way. This is the 2008 version:

Of course, it all goes south once it gets hot, plus the porch light attracts hordes of evil insects whether I use a yellow bulb or not. By the beginning of June, I have to remove all of the edibles from the porch or they get decimated.