Too much of a good thing

Once again, the sun and rain in our corner of the world have given us entirely too much success. This corner by the front steps is kind of a mess:

Competing for the same space we have:

  1. A large white azalea. At its peak right now, and lovely!
  2. Resurrection Lilies. Growing through the azalea; the ungainly foliage dies back, and the flowers emerge alone in a couple of months.
  3. Arum. Probably the main mistake here; I planted it for the little berry-like red flowers that emerge later in the year, and obviously didn't take into account the huge triangular leaves, which are gorgeous but rather out of place here.
  4. Daffodils. Bottom left; planted by the squirrels, who move them around every year.
  5. Tulips. Tthis is the saddest part. Look at them, trying so valiantly to be seen! I thought the dark purple/black flowers would be so nice next to the white azalea, too.
  6. A lone peony. Can you spot it? We've tried twice to dig up all the peonies in the front and move them to the side, where the blooms last longer in the shade. But this one stalk continues to defy us.
  7. Weeds. You'd think there wouldn't be any room left for them, but you'd be wrong.
Any suggestions? How can this space be nicer - or at least have some room to breathe?


Jeremiah McNichols said...

How about a shot from a bit further out to give us a bit of perspective on the problem?