"Bad" weather

Last night at a party, a friend was complaining about all the bad weather we've had recently: lots of thunderstorms, a few tornado warnings, high winds and even scatterings of hail.

My dad shook his head: "Nope, we haven't had any bad weather yet." The friend cocked his eye and said, "Define bad?"

Without batting an eye, my dad replied, "Over 80 degrees."

I have to say, I agree with him. But today, the bad weather begins in earnest: it's 95 and climbing, with that sticky Baltimore humidity that ensures you will get sweaty between the back door and the car, even if that's only a couple of yards.

The sun and rain have come in ideal proportions for growth in the weeks since I planted a combination of seeds and purchased starts. The photo above is of the garden after I put them in.

Today, about 2 weeks later:

Lettuces and spinach:

Beans and squash:

And tomatoes and arugula:

I'm jealous of those of you who are already eating fresh garden tomatoes. We're looking longingly at the buds and urging them to hurry up and do their thing!


MissoulaChick said...

It is snowing really hard, right now, in Missoula. I prefer that to 100 degrees but I fear for the lives of my basil plants. I agree that bad weather is very much in the eye of the beholder! At least it isn't blazing hot and dry today... which is what I hear the East is facing.

BJ said...

I have to agree, though, with Eustace Conway. There's no such thing as bad weather. There's what the earth needs, end of story. It may be bad for you or me, but it's not innately bad.

Which is a philosophical difference, I understand. 100 degrees and humid still sucks.