The haul so far: Meager at best

As we sense the nights cooling - even here in steamy Kansas - I begin to wonder if I'll end up with anything significant from the garden. It's been a weird year. Between hailstorms, tornadoes, and torrential rain, watering has rarely been necessary, but the deluges haven't helped as much as they've hurt, perhaps.

Some things have grown well and produced aplenty, e.g.- basil, thyme, sunflowers, and the ever-loving arugula monster twins. Other crops have been abysmal failures, and I don't have good answers since I've had good luck with the same seed or variety in previous years. Here's a list of the failures, with some speculation on what went wrong:

  • Tomatoes: haven't harvested one yet; late planting, weak seedlings
  • Eggplant: only two so far; late planting
  • Corn: tough; who knows?
  • Blauhilde beans: got about two pounds; planted way too many in the space
  • Armenian cucumbers: none yet; lots of male flowers, very few females
  • Amish gourds: ditto
I'd be curious if anyone has had similar experiences in this region, or might have an inkling about what might be wrong.

Not all is lost, the eggplant are producing beautiful fruit, and there are many in the works. Wish the tomato were mine. It's just a prop, grown by our CSA farmer, who thankfully is a more diligent gardener than I.

Oh, and this manly shot is for fellow Gardenaut Joshua. He was right. (See the comments to this post.) If you're stuck with excess arugula, stick it in a slice of pizza and enjoy. It's delicious.


Joshua McNichols said...

Better than a cuban cigar.

Okay Dale, you've thrown down the gauntlet. Just wait 'til my arugula comes in. Then the gardener's doobie wars can begin.


The Mommy said...

I think it must be a KS thing. Not much harvested in my little garden either. Lots of green tomatoes. Hope they turn before it gets cold. The CSA we belong to said early on that this was a tough year for them due to cooler than normal spring and lots of early rain.