Tomatoes Get Somewhat Organized


This spring, my tomatoes fell into anarchy. Normally, I'm known as a relentless pruner when it comes to taming that New World beast. But after allowing them to know such freedom, I couldn't bear to give them the mid-summer hacking. Practically speaking, they'd invested so much energy into those skinny, desperate tendrils. I feared cutting into their yield. So, I met them halfway.

The illusion of control.

I strung up what I could, leaving a dense, tangled mass at the bottom of the trellises. And it's a mess in there. Older leaves, yellowed with age, shading out young healthy leaves. None of the air flow I like in my tomato bushes, so I suppose they're more vulnerable to blight. But I've decided to show them a little more respect this year. Let them dream big.

I'm feeling generous after harvesting this very ripe tomato.


Amber said...

That's the best tomato I've seen all summer! Well, ok. Second best. Mine was harvested June 8th, and was a nice ripe red. :)

Daisy said...

Hmmm.... maybe you should consider turnin' those maters upside down next year.

Terry McNichols said...

Whoa, that's the first time I've seen L looking like pictures of her father. What a sweet tomato! Good job of growing your crop! Ahma T.