Orioles and male behavior

One of the main advantages of an interesting and healthy yard (so I tell myself as I suffer) is that it attracts all sorts of beneficial and sometimes beautiful critters. It also attracts the malovelent and the ugly, too, but that's a well covered topic in gardening circles.

Several weeks ago, this fine fellow became quite interested in his reflection in our front window.

Worried that he would dent his beak or otherwise injure himself trying to get at that elusive mating competitor, I thought I'd put some objects on the sill to deter him. Evidently, I chose the wrong figure for the job, since he seemed even more arrested by them than by his own reflection.

I consider this second photo proof positive that the male of the species is inexpicably drawn to smurfalicious beer.


Prof. Askey said...

you captured the oriole beautifully. Congrats! Is he still there and being loud?

Joshua McNichols said...

You just can't find children's toys featuring a frosty mug of brew these days.

DaleA said...

Nope, the oriole was last seen a few weeks ago. Evidently he found a mate somewhere.

It is indeed hard to find toys with a mug of beer. I saw that Smurf about 25 years ago in a store in Germany and knew it was something special so grabbed it immediately.